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Made-to-measure Concrete Curing Blankets

Providing a high-quality, long-lasting concrete curing blanket solution

Concrete Curing Blankets

Our concrete curing blankets are hard wearing, reliable and easy to use.

Cunningham Covers creates bespoke Concrete Curing Blankets that are durable, lightweight and easy to use. Our blankets are available for use across a wide range of industries and can be delivered locally or shipped internationally.

Concrete curing blankets are used during the concrete drying process and are used to protect against unruly weather conditions, to ensure the most effective curing process for your concrete. The durability of our covers ensures protection all year round, preventing any unhelpful temperatures affecting the curing process.

Concrete Curing Blankets

Benefits of our blankets

With over 40 years of experience across the industry, Cunningham Concrete Curing Blanket is a trusted concrete curing blanket solution that will achieve fast and efficient results for your business. Our made-to-order blankets ensure the best outcome for our customer’s concrete curing process.  

  • Resistant to waterlogging and loss of insulating value
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor  
  • Retained heat 
  • Reduced cost
  • Weather resistant 
  • A speedy concrete curing process

A bespoke service

Whatever your specifications may be, we can manufacture your blankets to ensure they meet any demands. Whether it is a specific size you need or a specially designed PVC coating to protect against unruly weather, our blankets can be manufactured to ensure the best protection for your concrete.

We provide curing blankets for all types of concrete including holocore and beams, as well as specially produced blankets for culverts.

We can manufacture your bespoke concrete curing blanket to include the following:

  • Preferred sizing - our blankets are designed, cut and welded to ensure the best sizing and fit 
  • Specially designed and coated PVC will outlast alternatives and prevent water build up 
  • Single skin or insulated
  • Reinforcement at both ends
  • High Frequency welding for strength
  • Special surface finish
  • Ultraviolet light stabilisers to protect against UV degradation 


All our covers are custom made to order, so allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery. We accept orders online or by phone.

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Our Clever Protective Covers can be recycled or repurposed in line with our sustainability goals.

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