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Do you need a clever protective cover?

Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers

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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
Call Us  +44(0)28 7964 2638

Storage Tank Covers

Storage tank covers made to order made to suit your specific requirements. For slurry tanks, materials we use are resistant to manure and other aggressive liquids and chemicals. Tensioned over the tank roof with manholes to allow easy access, we have designed these to ensure ultimate protection and coverage. Material is all high frequency welded for integrity load bands every 1000mm from the centre cap to the sides. Heavy-duty straps, ratchet centre pole and hatch covers are all included for a full installation kit. 

These covers limit both emissions and odours of hazardous gases for both environmental and human safety. They are particularly useful during very cold and snowy conditions, providing an extra layer of frost protection. 

If you have a similar issue or indeed if this solution would work for you submitting an enquiry is easy and we’ll get right back to you with a quote. If you prefer you can call us on 028 7964 2638 from the UK or 004428 7964 2638 from Ireland.

Clever protective covers

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Water Treatment Plants

Cunningham are the No1 choice when it comes to water containment covering solutions. Keeping external elements out to prevent contamination is a key benefit to using a Cunningham Storage Tank Cover. These covers can be fitted onto any steel tank, fixings are used to secure which are all stainless steel. Fully reinforced with industrial webbing belts and supported by a tropical hard wood centre post. Watch the video below to see more benefits of using a Cunningham Storage Tank Cover.

Slurry Stores

A Fully engineered solution for keeping rain out and odours and ammonia in, our solution is a fully reinforced dung resistant, PVC coated polyester fabric which is fully KIWA approved. All tried and test throughout europe with huge benefits. To check out our slurry store cover page click here.

Storage Tank Covers

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