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Cunningham Floating Containment Booms & Oil Booms

Our Oil and Floating Containment Booms are manufactured using high quality industrial strength textiles that can be used for containment in both Inland & Offshore locations to reduce pollution. They specifically designed to slow and contain the spread of oil.


The purpose of containment booms is to act as a temporary floating barrier to contain the area where a spillage has occurred. It prevents the oil spill or floating debris from spreading and contaminating the area further and assist in the spill response.


There are various different types of containment booms that can be deployed. These range from foam filled booms to floating barriers and silt curtains.

Which containment boom to use?

Containment effectiveness will generally be based on an evaluation of all factors of the area where the spillage has occurred. Areas to consider are the buoyancy, float and skirt height and tensile strength.



Our Clever Protective Covers can be recycled or repurposed in line with our sustainability goals.

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